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Moonlight Dancing on the Sea of Serenity
Come What May...
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17th-Aug-2007 12:33 am - ATTENTION DUELISTS
13th-Mar-2007 09:32 pm(no subject)
truly outrageous
Well, Sean's bday party is Friday night. I'm just not sure if I want to be pampered all day, spending a nice time with my mom and sis just relaxing, and then go out that night and get hammered. Especially since I'm starting weight watchers with my mom on Saturday. Goodness knows when you feel like crap, you eat crap. He's supposed to give me the info on the club tomorrow, just in case I decide to go. It'll probably be some really awesome gay club, which obviously, I would fit into perfectly, especially when I'm hammered. I just don't know, I hate putting myself in situations where I can potentially feel uncomfortable.

But I'll probably go if Matt goes. LOL.

Speaking of weight watchers, one of the women at work came to me today about it. She's really nice and new to the company and I guess she finds me friendly b/c she chats me up all the time. Which is fine, b/c I chat up with everyone all day. I guess everyone just finds me easy to talk to because I'm always smiling and nice. Anywho, she wanted to try and make a weight watchers buddy out of me and I thought it was awesome. The whole time I did it before I wished I'd had someone going through it with me. I mean yeah, I had the message boards online, but it's different when you have a buddy in person who'll go on walks with you during lunch and etc. So I'm really happy about that. And just like the first time, I've got all my calendar pages ready to make notes and comments and of course track my weight loss. Even though I could give a shit about how much I weigh. Apparently my aunt, who was here last weekend, was telling my mom and dad about how I look like I've lost weight. Yeah right. I've been floating back and forth through the same 10 lbs for the past like 5 months. But if she thinks I look good, then I'll accept her gracious complement. Really, I just want to fit all my cute clothes and want to shop for new ones.

I love summer b/c it's all about fashion, not staying warm and bundling up. All the fashionistas show up downtown and I just really love looking at them and their fashion choices and styles. And of course I wouldn't mind people looking at me. I do know how to make smart fashion choices, afterall. And especially since I work in the same building as a school of fashoin design, the crazy styles come out, some I like and some I don't. But it's still fun.

I'm just so damn happy. Which is such a huge relief for me, because this year started out terribly. I mean TERRIBLE. Lots of tears and what not. So smiling and actually feeling it on the inside is a welcome change. I guess it's the weather being nicer as well.

Anyway, enough about all that. Hoping to go see 300 this weekend and possibly pop out on the following Saturday to be a total nerd and catch the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie with all the children. I know, I'm a total nerd. But c'mon, I basically wanted to marry Donatello when I was 7 (the start of my love of quiet, quirky, nerdy guys). And I have their tape of all them singing from their tour AND I totally have all the movies and caught them when they were on Oprah. I deserve to see their movie.

You know you love me...
<3 - Kay

P.S. I just decided one of my goals in life is to sing Habanera beautifully, in French of course. Just because I think it's a nice goal.
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